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Maria Silva

Maria Silva completed her studies as an esthetician at Royal Beauty Careers in Houston, Texas. She then received her license as a massage therapist at the Phoenix School in Houston, Texas. She has been an esthetician for over fifteen years and a massage therapist for thirteen years.

Maria is well-versed in all areas of skin care, body treatments, and massage. She specializes in every skin type & concern. Her focus is on educating her clients, and always welcomes the chance to help clients feel better about themselves. She takes pride in providing each of her clients a unique experience and tailoring each one specifically for his or her own individual needs.
"This place is my safe haven. As a recent college grad adjusting to my first full time job, coupled with a massive environmental change (dry Arizona to humid Texas) my skin was a mess.
At my first visit visit I was honestly embarrassed because I didn't even know what could be done to get me back on track. Ms. Silva was so warm and welcoming. She put me immediately at ease and assured me we would identify the best treatment for my blemishes.

I noticed immediate results after my first visit, at which we decided to do a different facial than I initially booked to better address my concerns (and it was on special that day which was a great deal). One year and a monthly facial later my skin is so clear I don't have to wear makeup anymore.
I trust Ms. Silva so much I booked my mom a day of services and pampering with her when she visits. 

In short: amazing energy, personalized service, and killer specials make this place SO SO special!"

Ashley N.

Louisville, OH
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